Making Affordable Medicine Available to Everyone: The Rx Solution

The Rx Solution is an organization dedicated to helping low-income individuals and families gain access to quality, affordable medicine. If you are currently receiving medication for asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and other lung diseases, we encourage you to apply for our chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) prescription assistance program. Being part of our patient assistance program means getting essential medications at low to zero cost.

We have rounded up America’s doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare providers, as well as community groups and patient advocacy organizations so we could cater to more patients and a more extensive range of concerns. Through this vast network, we help qualifying patients find the public or private assistance that works for their particular situation or need.

We aim beyond merely increasing awareness of assistance programs that help patients access the medicines that can save their lives.We also intend to boost enrollment among those who are eligible.

Our team can obtain a broad range of medications for almost any type of disease. We know that lung conditions can be a threat to the patient’s life when left untreated, so we offer assistance programs for those dealing with asthma, bronchitis, COPD, and more.

For patients treating a lung disease, we offer assistance programs for ProAir, Symbicort, and Spiriva.


Apply for our patient assistance programs for asthma medications if you need ProAir. This medicineis classified as an adrenergic bronchodilator. When patients breathe adrenergic bronchodilatorsthrough their mouth, it opens up their lungs’ air passages or bronchial tubes to facilitate proper breathing.

ProAir is used to treat asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis, among other diseases. It also manages wheezing or bronchospasm that surfaces from exercise or any extreme physical activity. As it helps normalize the flow of air through the bronchial tubes, it helps relieve shortness of breath, troubled breathing, wheezing, or coughing.


Symbicort combines formoterol and budesonide. Formoterol, a bronchodilator, improves breathing by relaxing the muscles in the airways while budesonide is a steroid that reduces inflammation. Adults and children who are six years old and older use Symbicort to prevent bronchospasm related to COPD.

As Symbicort increases the risk of breathing problems or even death resulting from severe asthma attacks, patients should never go beyond the required dose. It is not recommended as well for individuals with certain conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, liver disease, or tuberculosis, among others.


Patients using the drug Spiriva will benefit from one of our COPD medication assistance programs. Spiriva is also a bronchodilator that facilitates the flow of air to the lungs by relaxing muscles in the airways. This medication may be prescribed to easeairflow to the lungs of adults and children at least six years old, but it does not work fast enough to treat an ongoing bronchospasm attack.

Before using Spiriva, tell your doctor about any condition. The drug is not for the use of individuals with bladder obstruction, narrow-angle glaucoma, or an enlarged prostate, among other health conditions.

Making Quality Medicine Attainable for Everyone

The Rx Solution believes quality medicine should be available to everyone, regardless of his or her income or social status, and we work to make this possible. It’sdifficult enough to be sick, but more so if the individual is living with limited resources.

Sometimes, situations force people to forgo the medications that can potentially save their life. We are here to make sure none of our clients would ever have to cut short a full treatment to cater to necessities. We want to be sure that you would never have to choose between completing a full-course treatment or paying for food, shelter, and clothing, or transportation.

We do our best to whittle down the cost of otherwise expensive medications to nothing. We work with you in completing the entire process, from determining the program that works best for you and submitting the right documents right up to the logistics. We charge only a minimal fee for our services, to make sure that our services are attainable for low to no-income households.

A lack of financial resources should never be a hindrance to better health. Find out if you can qualify for our patient assistance program. Call us at (888)-823-0042 or fill out our form and one of our representatives will reach out to you as soon as possible.