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Find the Best Prescription Medication Program for Your Need

The Rx Solution provides valuable prescription assistance programs to help the unemployed, as well as low-income individuals and households, access quality medications at low to zero costs. With our help, you can maintain the full-course treatment that can save your life, even with limited resources.

Our mission is to find the right public or private programs for patients so they can receive the medications they need, even without prescription coverage. We make health management a reality even among low to no-income families by raising awareness of patient assistance programs and consequently improving the enrollment among eligible patients.

Medication and Prescription Assistance for the Un-Insured

Countless organizations and health programshave exhibited an outpour of efforts to provide affordable medication to those living with limited resources. The problem, however, is that as the demand for prescription medicines rise, their prices increase as well.

As Americans face rapidly escalating prescription medicine prices, many patients choose to reduce the dosage or forgo their medications entirely, therefore putting their health at risk. This concern is especially common among people who don’t have prescription coverage.

If your insurance cannot shoulder the cost of your prescriptions, turn to our team and apply for a prescription assistance program. We help you from the application process until the receipt of your medicines. We have eliminated all the tedious work involved in obtaining prescription drugs so that you can receive quality medication at the soonest time possible.

Patient Prescription Assistance Programs for Seniors

Prescription drugs make up a considerable portion of the cost of caring for seniors.

In 2010, healthcare advocacy group Families USA noted that seniors age 65 and over have watched the prices of their prescription drugs double since 1992. They predicted that the costs wouldincrease until 2020, and now, in 2017, these forecasts hold true. According to online resource tool, Paying for Senior Care, older Americans spend about 3% of their income for medication, and the number goes up as physicians prescribe over-the-counter medications.

Without prescription coverage, many elderly loved ones will be unable to afford the dozens of prescriptions that they need to fill every year.

While prescription drug programs for elderly seniors provide significant relief especially for those with no income, eligibility still varies, depending on the program.

The Rx Solution expedites the approval process for you or your elderly loved ones. We provide the attentive customer service and diligent processing you need to qualify for the assistance program more easily.

A Program That Fits Everyone’s Needs

We have built a network of pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, doctors, not-for-profit organizations, patient advocacy organizations, and community groups. The connection we have formed with these agencies allows us to find various programs that cater to a broad range of prescription needs. We are prepared to help individuals dealing with chronic diseases, ranging from diabetes and asthma to mental disorders and more.

Here are some of the conditions we help address:

Respiratory Diseases

We offer patient assistance programs for those receiving medications for asthma, and other lung diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Qualifying for our patient assistance program will allow you to receive medicines such as ProAir, Symbicort, and Spiriva for little to no cash.


ProAir treats asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis, among others. As it helps normalize airflow through the bronchial tubes, it relieves shortness of breath, wheezing, troubled breathing, or coughing.


Symbicort combines formoterol and budesonide to improve breathing and reduce inflammation among adults and children who are six years old and older who are at risk of COPD-related bronchospasms.


Spiriva is also a bronchodilator that relaxes muscles in the airways to facilitate the flow of air to the lungs.


Managing the symptoms of chronic diseases such as diabetes can take a toll on the budget. We offer assistance programs for Trulicity, Victoza, and NovoLog to ease the financial burden for patients dealing with diabetes.


Trulicity is an injectable medicine for type 2 diabetes that works by regulating the patient’s blood sugar levels.


Doctors prescribe Victoza to prevent insulin deficiency in patients with type 2 diabetes. The drug helps regulate the insulin and glucose levels the body produces.


NovoLog is a drug equivalent to the insulin produced by the body. It provides quick relief for changes in the blood sugar of those dealing with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Mental Health

The ongoing cost of prescription medications for individuals dealing with mental health conditions can be a challenge, especially for those who take more than one prescribed medication. While some pharmaceutical companies assist patients with financial needs, they usually require various documents such as a proof of financial status and doctor’s consent.

We help you find the right program for your need. We help to qualify patients without prescription drug coverage receive the medicines they need to get their mental health back on track.

The Rx Solution works with you in receiving the medicines you need through the program that works best for you. We specifically serve patients without prescription coverage as well as individuals with low to no income. Most of the time, patients receive their medications for free or almost free.

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