What To Do When You Can’t Afford Your Medication Houston Texas Medications are not affordable to seniors with Low Incomes, RX Solution can Help, with programs to save you money and receive the treatment you need.

Live in Houston Texas and have heath issues but can’t afford you medications/prescriptions call today you will be glad you did, The RX Solution way can help get you the medications you need to keep you healthy.

Low Income Seniors are the types of people we help everyday.

Talk to Your Doctor About a Generic Alternative

It is likely that your doctor will prescribe you the generic to begin with. If not, your pharmacist may suggest it. If for some reason neither offer the generic version, don’t be afraid to ask about it.

If a generic alternative is not available, we can contact the company that makes the drug directly. They generally don’t broadly advertise them, but many companies have drug assistance programs available and RX Solution knows how to deal with them. You won’t have to investigate, we do it all. We will  locate the name of the company that manufacturers.

Drug Samples

Are a thing of the past Dr’s are limited to the amounts of samples they are provided but in some cases in Houston Texas Doctors may have limited supplies to help get you started but then what ?? RX Solution is the company to call with programs to fit your needs and save you money on your prescriptions / medications.

Back to talking to your doctor. Ask if he or she has any drug samples. Obviously this is not sustainable for a long period of time, but a few samples might be able to hold you over until a real solution is found. Many doctors’ offices use to have a closet full of samples, no longer. Drug representatives like to drop a few off for this specific reason.


High drug prices mean you can’t afford your medications? There’s help

Drug prices are increasing far faster than any other aspect of health care. They went up 10% in 2015 and 14% in 2014, when they were a top cause of the 5.3% increase in overall health care costs, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. High-cost specialty drugs, particularly those for cancer and hepatitis C, are the primary culprits but even generic drug prices are way up.

Our Goal

Millions of uninsured Americans already struggle with paying for their basic needs: food, utility bills, rent, etc. Adding medication to the list complicates the budgeting process. To make ends meet, some cut their medication short or fail to complete the treatment.

Our company takes the financial burden off your shoulders by helping you find the right assistance program.

The lack of discounted medication discourages some Americans from pursuing full-course treatments for their health condition. As a result, they painfully endure the consequences of their disease. To address the problem, our company brings together the country’s doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare providers to help patients apply for assistance programs that suit their needs.

Give us a call today and see how we can help.

Cost of Service:

There is a large amount of time, effort and labor that goes into completing each application properly for our clients. In most cases, the cost of medications received far outweighs the initial service fee. Often the receipt of just one medication more than covers the cost of service. We are aware of the difficult situation many people are living under and have tried to keep our service fees affordable.

We guarantee that our clients, once approved, will save more in medication costs than the cost of our service or we will refund all fees paid!

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Shipping, Handling & Processing:

One time fee based on the amount of medications

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