I can’t afford my Prescription Medications! Florida, Texas are some states we help get affordable Medications The RX Solution can Help.

Help for Uninsured Patients Florida & Texas

The Rx Solution makes it possible for low-income patients to access affordable medication. We work to make sure you have the quality medication you need to manage the symptoms of your disease, without having to sacrifice your other needs such as food, shelter, or clothing

With our help, you can get access to otherwise expensive medications at significantly discounted prices, or sometimes, at no cost at all. Our team makes the process easier for you, and we make sure that you receive quality medication the soonest time possible. While we charge a monthly fee, we make sure that our services are still affordable for low-income households.

Let us help you receive the quality medication you need when you need it. For more information on how you can qualify for our diabetes patient assistance programs, please call (888)-823-0042 or fill out our form today.

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How can The RX Solution help me?
Even with the Affordable Care Act now in place, there are still millions of people who need help paying for their prescription medications, either because they are uninsured or have a high deductible, high co-pays and/or limited drug list. They are subject to high and continually rising out-of-pocket prices. Our programs provides relief by saving users on almost all prescription medicines.
Who is eligible to use the RX Solution programs?
The RX Solution Program is open to anyone who needs help affording their medications — insured or uninsured. Anyone who is coping with high out-of-pocket costs on their prescriptions can use the programs to help bring down costs greatly. There are no or minor restrictions.
Is this program affiliated with the government?
No, we are a privately held company that was founded in the state of Florida.
Why wait log on to our website and check us out, you will be glad you did https://www.rxsolution.net

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