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What is a copay and deductible?
Coinsurance. The percentage of costs of a covered health care service you pay (20%, for example) after you’ve paid your deductible. Let’s say your health insurance plan’s allowed amount for an office visit is $100 and your coinsurance is 20%. If you’ve paid your deductible: You pay 20% of $100, or $20.
Can a hospital refuse to treat a patient with no insurance?
Public and private hospitals alike are prohibited by law from denying a patient care in an emergency. The Emergency Medical and Treatment Labor Act (EMTLA) passed by Congress in 1986 explicitly forbids the denial of care to indigent or uninsuredpatients based on a lack of ability to pay.
Can you be turned away from urgent care?
Can they turn you away if you don’t have insurance? You‘re correct, the E.R. cannot turn you away and neither can an urgent care owned by a hospital. The doctor’s office can turn you away because this is his private business and the same goes for privately owned urgent care facilities.

Welcome to The Rx Solution

The Rx Solution was founded for prescription cost help, and to solve the problem of the uninsured and under-insured needing access to prescription assistance programs in America.

The Rx Solution helps to qualify patients with little to no prescription drug coverage get the medication they need for little or no money. The Rx Solution also assists Medicare patients in their coverage gap or also known as the “donut hole”.

We bring together America’s pharmaceutical companies, doctors, health care providers, patient advocacy organizations and community groups to deliver patient prescription assistance programs (PAP). We help qualifying patients, assist in the application process, which also requires speaking to the patients doctors office. Once approved, we also handle the refill process to make sure the patients never miss a dose of their medication.

At The Rx Solution, our mission is to increase awareness of prescription assistance programs and boost enrollment of those who are eligible.

Prescription Assistance Programs for the Low-Income Florida, USA

Access to affordable medication is not possible for everyone, particularly for low-income individuals and households. Despite the generous efforts of countless health programs, a number still struggle with choosing between medication and other needs such as shelter, food, and transportation.

This should not be the case.

When it comes to applying for prescription assistance programs for low-income or uninsured, our team does not just send out the paperwork. We help you apply and complete the process, ensuring you receive quality medication as soon as possible.

Prescription Assistance Programs for Seniors

Prescription drugs are major factors in the overall cost of caring for elderly loved ones. According to Paying for Senior Care, an online resource tool, people aged 65 and above spend an average of 3% of their income for medication; the percentage rises when doctors prescribe over-the-counter medications.

While government funded healthcare can help, a number of seniors struggle to afford prescription costs.

Prescription drug programs for seniors are helpful for elderly individuals, especially those with low or no income. Eligibility, however, varies according to the program. Our goal is to help you get well soon by expediting the approval process.

The Rx Solution makes application for patient assistance programs easier. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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