What is ProAir?

Do you need help with the cost of ProAir? If you have asthma, or have trouble breathing, you’ve either heard of ProAir or you’re going to need it. ProAir is used to help widen your lungs. It’s classified as a sympathomimetic brochodialator, and that means that it helps you breathe a little easier. ProAir is a type of asthma relief medicine classified as albuterol. Albuterol inhalers like ProAir are regularly used in both adults and children (over the age of 4).

What is ProAir prescribed for?

Like any other fast-acting inhaler, ProAir albuterol is supposed to be kept on hand at all times to help you in the case of a breathing emergency. It acts quickly on the respiratory system to prevent your body from clasping airways shut. Because of this, you should always make sure to refill your doctor’s prescriptions and keep up to date with your scripts. Of course, you shouldn’t just start taking ProAir. Talk to your doctor if you have any common allergies (like lactose intolerance), if you’re pregnant or nursing, or if it doesn’t seem to be helping you get any better, or if it seems like you’re having to use it repeatedly in a 24-hour period. Any increased need for medication is a sign of a preeminent breathing condition (like a severe asthma attack).

How does ProAir work?

ProAir is a relatively new, fast acting inhaler, that’s easy to use. Most find that it relieves the worst asthma symptoms within the first few minutes after use. All you have to do is pump the primer (by spraying it three times), and remember to shake it well before each use. Some people even hold the inhaler several inches from their mouth to help them inhale all of the spray that comes from the container.

What are the potential side effects of ProAir?

Some medicines can interact with ProAir HFA aerosol, like diuretics, MAOIs, and other bronchodilators. Sometimes beta-blockers decrease the effectiveness of aerosols, or worsen the conditions of those with asthma.

Some people have experienced slight dizziness when using ProAir, so use it with caution, and know how it will affect you before driving or operating machinery.

Overdoses of this medicine could be fatal, so seek emergency assistance from the Poison Help line at 1-800-222-1222 if you feel like you or someone you know has taken too large of a dose at one time.

Here are some of the best tips for using ProAir:

  • After you have breathed in all of the spray, continue breathing in slowly, holding the spray deep inside your lungs for as long as is comfortable (generally around 10 seconds)
  • Wait about a minute between each use of inhaler spray
  • Make sure that you’re always replacing the protective cap after use to protect the contents inside
  • ProAir might have a slightly unpleasant taste, especially if your mouth is dry. Rinse your mouth with water to relieve this taste.

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