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Are the high costs for prescription drugs at your pharmacy creating a burden on your finances?

It’s Easy to qualify for our Prescription Assistance program.

If you’re one of millions of Americans trying to find cheap prescriptions without insurance, we understand the daunting challenge that you face. The American healthcare system and, specifically, the drug companies leave us individuals very little negotiating leverage or options when faced with the difficult choice of needing to get a prescription without insurance and having a limited budget to work with.RX Solutions is the choice in you live in Coral Springs, Florida 

Prescription drug prices have been rising 10% or more annually, on average, for years. The price hikes have been taking place at a time when inflation is low and when the costs for some everyday purchases like groceries are actually decreasing. So it should probably come as no surprise that more Americans view prescription drug prices as unreasonable.

Additionally, studies have found that 8% of Americans don’t take their prescription drugs because they can’t afford them. Insurance coverage has a big factor on this statistic as well. Among adults under age 65, 6% who had private insurance skipped medicines to save money, compared to 10% for those with Medicaid and 14% of those with no insurance. Among those of us with the lowest incomes, well below the federal poverty level, nearly 14% have not taken medications as prescribed to save money.

Rising costs, declining affordability, many Americans not able to pay for their prescriptions – this common and continuing trend is all too common unfortunately. However, there are some little-known strategies you can employ if you find yourself, like many Americans, trying to find cheap prescriptions without insurance.

Medication/Prescription Assistance for the Uninsured


Countless organizations and health programshave exhibited an outpour of efforts to provide affordable medication to those living with limited resources. The problem, however, is that as the demand for prescription medicines rise, their prices increase as well.

As Americans face rapidly escalating prescription medicine prices, many patients choose to reduce the dosage or forgo their medications entirely, therefore putting their health at risk. This concern is especially common among people who don’t have prescription coverage.

If your insurance cannot shoulder the cost of your prescriptions, turn to our team and apply for a prescription assistance program. We help you from the application process until the receipt of your medicines. We have eliminated all the tedious work involved in obtaining prescription drugs so that you can receive quality medication at the soonest time possible.

A Program for Every Need


We have built a network of pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, doctors, not-for-profit organizations, patient advocacy organizations, and community groups. The connection we have formed with these agencies allows us to find various programs that cater to a broad range of prescription needs. We are prepared to help individuals dealing with chronic diseases, ranging from diabetes and asthma to mental disorders and more. RX Solution

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