Programs for the Low-Income or Uninsured Fort Worth, Texas The RX Solution. Prescription assistance programs available.

Access to affordable medication is not possible for everyone, particularly for low-income individuals and households. Despite the generous efforts of countless health programs, a number still struggle with choosing between medication and other needs such as shelter, food, and transportation.

Programs for Seniors Fort Worth, Texas

Prescription drugs are major factors in the overall cost of caring for elderly loved ones. According to Paying for Senior Care, an online resource tool, people aged 65 and above spend an average of 3% of their income for medication; the percentage rises when doctors prescribe over-the-counter medications.

While government funded healthcare can help, a number of seniors struggle to afford prescription costs.

Prescription drug programs for seniors are helpful for elderly individuals, especially those with low or no income. Eligibility, however, varies according to the program. Our goal is to help you get well soon by expediting the approval process.

The Rx Solution makes application for patient assistance programs easier. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Most of us are concerned about the cost of our prescription medications. Shopping for the best price can be difficult and time consuming. Most pharmacies do not advertise or even display drug prices. This website was developed by the Texas Attorney General and the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) to help consumers shop for the lowest price in their area for their prescription drugs.

The Texas Prescription Drug Price website provides pricing information for the 150 most commonly used prescription drugs in Texas. The prices are the “usual and customary prices,” also known as retail prices, reported monthly by pharmacies. This is the price that an uninsured consumer, with no discount or supplemental plan, would normally pay. Prices at your local pharmacy may change daily, so this website is only meant to help you compare prices at different pharmacies and are not a guaranteed price.

Cost of Service: Fort Worth, Texas 

There is a large amount of time, effort and labor that goes into completing each application properly for our clients. In most cases, the cost of medications received far outweighs the initial service fee. Often the receipt of just one medication more than covers the cost of service. We are aware of the difficult situation many people are living under and have tried to keep our service fees affordable.

We guarantee that our clients, once approved, will save more in medication costs than the cost of our service or we will refund all fees paid!

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One time fee based on the amount of medications

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