High levels of Low-Density Lipoproteins, otherwise known as LDL, can lead to serious health complications such as heart disease, clogged arteries, and stroke. LDL is instrumental in the production of hormones, digestive processes and juices, and cell walls; produced by the liver, LDL is essential to proper functioning throughout everyday life. High levels of LDL can lead to a buildup of plaque-like substances on the walls of arteries and the cardiovascular system, inhibiting the natural flow of blood; this blockage can eventually lead to a heart attack. Zetia is a prescription-strength medication that can lower abnormally high levels of LDL cholesterol.

What Causes High Levels of LDL?

There are quite a few factors that can influence the levels of LDL circulating in the human body. One factor is known as familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) that can cause a genetically dangerous level of LDL from birth. People that have a family history of coronary heart disease or very high cholesterol may have FH. FH can be diagnosed with a lipid panel or a simple blood test.

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For most people, the idea of a healthy diet is nothing new; however, practical application in the real world can often be difficult. Surrounded by fast food, office and school pizza parties, sugar-loaded drinks, and candy bars at every gas station can be a real temptation. To lower your levels of LDL cholesterol, you must be adamant about your health and well-being. A balanced diet composed of vegetables, fruits, fish, whole grains, and various plants are recommended. Plant-based diets can help reverse the levels of LDL and plaque buildup in your system. Try to avoid processed foods, refined sugar, red meat, dairy, and eggs.


Lowering your LDL cholesterol is as easy as going for a 30 minute walk every day. The benefits of regular exercise are numerous: weight loss, higher energy, decreased stress, and lower body fat are just a few of the advantages of regular exercise. Combine a healthy diet with exercise and medication and you will be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle and a reduced risk of heart disease.

Medications and Supplements for High LDL

While not fully proven, there has been promising research into supplements such as Omega-3 fish oils, green tea extract, and artichoke extract. This goes back to the diet piece: if you eat a diet rich in fish, vegetables, and plants, you can rest assured that your levels of LDL will start to decline. Medications like Zetia can help lower your LDL cholesterol levels.

What is Zetia?

Zetia – brand name ezetimibe – is a drug that reduces cholesterol absorption in the small intestine, thereby reducing dangerous levels of LDL cholesterol. Coupled with a good diet, exercise, and omega-3’s, Zetia can help get your LDL levels back to a healthy range. If you need help paying for Zetia or other prescription medications and are uninsured or under-insured, contact The Rx Soluton at (888) 823-0042.













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