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Cost of Service:

There is a large amount of time, effort and labor that goes into completing each application properly for our clients. In most cases, the cost of medications received far outweighs the initial service fee. Often the receipt of just one medication more than covers the cost of service. We are aware of the difficult situation many people are living under and have tried to keep our service fees affordable.

We guarantee that our clients, once approved, will save more in medication costs than the cost of our service or we will refund all fees paid!

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Shipping, Handling & Processing:

One time fee based on the amount of medications

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Assistance with Paying for Prescription Drugs

This post focuses on programs that help Medicare beneficiaries acquire necessary medications, although many of the programs discussed are not limited to that population.  Many Americans who are still feeling the effects of the recession are struggling to find ways to save money and pay for their medications. Unfortunately, some have been forced to make the choice between prescription medications and other essentials. A January 2015 report by the National Center for Health Statistics highlights that among the poorest adults – incomes of persons far below the poverty level – almost 14 percent did not take Medications in order to save money; that another 14% had no insurance, that only 6 % had private health insurance, and that 10% of those who are Medicaid recipients skipped medications in order to cut costs.

In addition, Part D beneficiaries in the “Donut Hole” (the Medicare Part D coverage gap; see our information on the Part D benefit have to pay significant out of pocket costs. The Donut Hole will close gradually by 2020.

Advocates and beneficiaries should be aware that there are programs that offer direct subsidies to pay for medications as well as programs that provide free or discounted medications. The amount of assistance varies from program to program. When looking into these programs, beneficiaries should be ready with certain information such as:

  • Social Security card or number
  • Most recent Social Security benefits award letters as well as letters concerning any of the following: pensions, annuities, Veterans Benefits, or Railroad Retirement benefits
  • Bank account statements from several recent months including checking, savings, and certificates of deposit.
  • Most recent income tax return and, if employed, recent pay stubs
  • If unemployed, a letter or other document from former employer stating that you have been terminated and your health insurance has stopped
  • Information on accumulated medical debt, which may affect eligibility
  • Statements regarding any investments

The RX Solution can help save you time and money on most of your prescriptions, if not the fee is FREE.

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