If you’ve been smoking cigarettes for a few years, you’ve probably tried to quit before. Quitting nicotine can be one of the hardest things to do. Cigarettes are available at any corner store and they’re relatively inexpensive. However, think of it this way: what is the monthly cost? What is the yearly cost? You’ve probably wasted thousands of dollars on a product that shortens your life span. This is a harsh truth of cigarette smoking; the act of smoking costs you money and years of your life. However, here’s a consolation: over 42 million Americans smoke cigarettes, according to the American Cancer Society ( You’re not alone. Quitting smoking is a difficult process that many people try over and over again. The biological and psychological addiction that many people experience is nothing to laugh at. Many medications have been developed in the last fifty years to help combat the scourge of cigarette smoking. One of these medications is called Chantix.

What is Chantix?

Chantix, also known as Varenicline, is a medication that is prescribed to aid in smoking cessation. Through a series of chemical mechanisms, Chantix leads to the release of dopamine, which has the capacity to reduce cravings for cigarettes and other nicotine products. A 2013 analysis concluded that smokers are up to 3x more likely to stop smoking when using Chantix, in comparison to a placebo product. The USA Food and Drug Administration has approved Chantix for the treatment of smoking cessation for up to 24 weeks. This is contingent on the grounds that the smoker was smoke-free for the first 12 weeks.

Chantix Cost

What is the cost of Chantix? If you are looking to pay out of pocket, with no Chantix coupon, you can pay anywhere from $150 to over $350 a month. This is for a 30-day supply and most doctors recommend a minimum of 3-4 months on Chantix. This cost may help put the real dollar amount of smoking into perspective. Think about smoking cessation like this: pay more now to pay less later. There is no generic version of Chantix, but there are Chantix coupons online. There is also a savings card for Chantix on their website.

Chantix Prescription Assistance

There are quite a few ways to save on Chantix. Apart from a Chantix coupon or getting Free Chantix from someone with a spare prescription lying around (that would be nice), it can be difficult to pay for this medication. Sometimes you will still have to pay over $200 with a coupon! Being uninsured or under-insured can be a difficult state to be in. If you have done the research and visited pharmacies in your area to check the price, and the price is too expensive, you may qualify for our program.

Chantix Free

The Rx Solution is your helping hand in receiving high quality yet affordable medication. Our goal is to ease the burden of the uninsured, low-income, or elderly individuals who are in need of medication but struggle with the costs.

If you fall under one of these categories, worry no more. We provide prescription assistance services to expedite your approval process. Our team also offers help with your refills. We can get you Chantix for far less than the advertised rate; often times it is hundreds of dollars less. Our services are far less than the usual uninsured rate, even with a Chantix coupon. The lack of discounted Chantix can encourage many Americans to avoid smoking cessation. This does not need to be the case. Quitting smoking can be an incredibly easy process and we are here to help make it even easier. At The RX Solution, we bring Doctors, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies together to help patients apply for patient assistant programs. Give us a call today and see how we can help.

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