There are medications for almost any ache or pain you may be experiencing. For many of the issues that cause pain, you’ll need a prescription from the doctor. One of these conditions is an anal fissure. While there are treatment options, you may not be able to get the relief you need from an anal fissure with just over-the-counter options; but for many people, affording prescription anal fissure treatment cream or the cost of other needed prescriptions may be too much to handle. For those individuals, prescription assistance programs may be able to help.

What are Anal Fissures?

An anal fissure is a tearing of the lining of the anus. This, in turn, results in pain. While many anal fissures may repair themselves with time, chronic cases are possible which result in long-lasting symptoms. With these chronic cases, prescription fissure treatment cream may be suggested by a doctor to reduce pain and instigate healing. Commonly, it’s thought that anal fissures are at first hemorrhoids. While both are characterized by pain, the pain from anal fissures will be experienced even after bowel movements are completed. So, if you’re experiencing pain during or after bowel movements, you may be suffering from chronic anal fissures. Constipation or hardened bowel movements can actually make chronic anal fissures worse, so it’s important to speak with your doctor about what you can do.

Non-Treatment Options to Manage Anal Fissures

If diagnosed by your doctor with an anal fissure, he/she will likely offer prescription fissure treatment cream. But, he/she will also likely provide you with advice to change up your lifestyle habits. Often times, anal fissures are a result of how life is lived. The way we live can prevent the severity of symptoms. So, changing diet and lifestyle can help your body to heal fissures, prevent more in the future, and provide you with more comfort in the present. Some lifestyle changes your doctor may suggest include:

Diet Change: Fiber can help our bodies to digest and excrete waste better. This results in easier bowel movements which are less likely to retear or bother an anal fissure. Foods high in fiber include grains, bran cereals, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.picture of an old man with a wheelchair wheeling his way towards prescription assistance programs

Fiber Supplements: If you don’t like foods high in fiber or you find that you haven’t included enough foods rich in fiber into your diet, you can always supplement fiber. Check with your local pharmacy to find a fiber supplement which works best for you!

Stool Softeners: Since hardened stools and constipation can make anal fissures worse, stool softeners may be needed. There are many different forms of stool softeners to choose: from liquids and pills to chews and gummies! Remember, a good rule of thumb with stool softeners is to start with minimal dosing and increase as or if needed.

Drinking Water: Another way to soften stools is to up the body’s liquid intake. Drinking more water will give your body enough liquid to excrete waste soft enough not to make an anal fissure worse. Even if you’re already taking stool softeners, drinking more water is always a good idea if you want to see bowel movements improve.

Warm Baths: Many patients agree that a great way to soothe the pain from anal fissures is to run a warm bath. Warmer water may help to relax anal muscles which may be the reason for experiencing pain in-between bowel movements. While this is a temporary solution, it’s a good way to relax so that healing can commence.

About Prescription Anal Fissure Cream Medication

Along with these lifestyle changes, your doctor may suggest a prescription anal fissure cream as treatment. Commonly prescribed is the anal fissure cream, Rectiv. According to The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons, Rectiv is effective in helping patients diagnosed with chronic anal fissure. Rectiv’s active ingredient is nitroglycerin, which is believed to relax anal pressure and relieve pain caused by a chronic anal fissure. This medication may not be available to every individual due to past medical history, other medications, or otherwise. So, it’s important to be honest with your doctor about your medical history and any other medical information you know to be true.

Paying for Rectiv Anal Fissure Treatment Cream Medication

If you’ve been diagnosed with an chronic anal fissure and have been given a prescription for Rectiv, The Rx Solution may be able to help with the cost of medication. To see if you qualify for our prescription assistance service, please visit our website or call to speak with an experienced representative at 888-823-0042.